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i stopped doing that one when the world ended.

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Name:larry underwood

❝By then something had happened that Larry didn't want. His little party of four grew to six. The six met four more in upstate New York, and our party absorbed theirs. By the time we made it to Harold's sign in Mother Abigail's dooryard there were sixteen of us, and we picked up another three just as we were leaving. Larry was in charge of this brave band. There was no vote or anything like that. It just was. And he really didn't want the responsibility. It was a drag. It was keeping him awake nights. He started popping Tums and Rolaids. But it's funny the way your mind boxes your mind. I couldn't let it go. It got to be a self-respect thing. And I—he—was always afraid he was going to fuck it up righteously, that he'd get up some morning and someone would be dead in their sleeping bag the way Rita was that time in Vermont and everyone would be standing around pointing their fingers and saying, 'It's not your fault. You didn't know any better and it's not your fault.'❞

(from s. king's the stand.)
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